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Preschool Picassos

Preschool Picassos is a yearlong program, through which we explore an artist over the course of four weeks. Throughout the sessions, we introduce information about the artist's life and artistic style, and study one of their famous paintings. The goal is not to try to perfectly recreate the painting, but to celebrate the process that it takes to get there.


  • February: Piet Mondrian: Primary colors, secondary colors and the power of line work.
  • March: Andy Warhol: Printmaking and composition
  • April: Georgia O'Keefe: Perspective and realism
  • May: Henri Matisse: Pattern and repetition of shapes and collage
  • June: Frida Kahlo: Portraits and self-portraits
  • July: Summer programming
  • August: Timothy Harney: Non-objective collage
  • September: Jackson Pollock: Spontaneous “Drip Painting” through abstract expression
  • October: Wassily Kandinsky: Abstraction with mathematical concepts
  • November: George Seurat: Pointillism
  • December: Romero Britto: Pop art, graffiti and cubism, vibrant colors and bold patterns
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Monday - Friday, 6:30AM - 6:00PM

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