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Our COVID-19 response

Update Summer 2021:
In line with CDC and MN Department of Health guidelines, our parents are allowed to enter our building again, and the centralized drop off and pick up have been discontinued for now. We still ask that all adults coming into our building for drop off and pick up wear masks. All our teachers also continue to wear masks in the public areas of our center. In the classrooms, teachers are allowed to remove their masks.

We closely monitor the case numbers in Minneapolis, and are prepared to go back to previous Corona procedures at any moment should that become necessary. Following below are our full Corona Procedures:

We have implemented comprehensive health and safety procedures to limit the risk of transmission of Covid 19, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Apart from ongoing cleaning and disinfecting routines throughout the day, we have also installed iWave ionizers in our air handling systems for additional air purification.

CELC Safety Procedures during the Pandemic:

The safety of our children, families and staff is our first and most important goal in everything we do. The following is a list of procedures to be followed in the center to limit the risk of transmission of Covid 19:

I.   Child Drop Off and Staff Entry

A.         All children will enter CELC through the East Entrance of the building. The East Entrance is the church entrance South of our regular entrance, the double doors in the corner of our regular drop off parking lot off Nicollet. (This includes Infants.)

B.         Parents will be met at the door by a staff person. Parents and all staff will be required to wear masks. Hand sanitizer will be available for parents’ use.  Parents will not go farther than the check-in desk at the entrance. During check-in, parents should attempt to stay 6 feet away from others when possible.   

C.         The staff person will take the child’s temperature and check for signs of illness. Any child who exhibits a temperature of 99 degrees or more will be denied entrance to the facility.  If the child seems well, the staff person will check the child in and take the child to their classroom.  Children will wash hands upon entrance to the classroom before engaging in play.

D.        If a temperature or other symptoms of illness develop during the day, the child  will be sent to the isolation room to await pickup from their parent.  Parents are expected to pick up within an hour.               

E.      Staff will enter through the northeast door and have their temperature taken.  If staff persons are fever and symptom free, they may enter the facility. They will wash their hands upon entering the classroom.

II.  Groupings

    A.      Once assigned, children will be required to stay with their group at all times. There will be no combining of classrooms or joint activities. We will have separate outdoor and gym times for each group.

    B.      Meals will be eaten in the classrooms with the exception of infants, who will continue to have access to the Common Room for lunch. Children will not be allowed to serve themselves; staff will plate meals and serve seconds as required while wearing gloves.

C.   Kitchen staff will follow all applicable federal, state, and local regulations related to safe preparation of food, including handwashing and staying home when not feeling well.

III.            Classrooms

A.    Teachers will mark chairs in the classroom with a child’s name to minimize sharing.

B.   The number of toys in the classroom will be reduced. All toys will be rotated during the day and removed, cleaned and sanitized after having been played with.                     

C.    Tables and other furniture will be disinfected after use. Dedicated staff will rotate and clean toys throughout the day.

D.    Cots will be sanitized daily. Cots will be distanced as far as possible and placed head to toe to minimize exposure. Blankets will be placed in a bag on top of the cot while in storage. Parents are expected to take blankets home at the end of each week to be washed.

IV.            Handwashing

     A .  All children and staff need to wash their hands:

1.  After arriving and before leaving for the day

2.  Before and after eating or assisting at mealtimes

3.  After using the toilet and after diapering or assisting with toileting

4.  After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose

5.  After using the gym, playground or muscle room

6.  After contact with bodily fluids

7.  Before and after applying sunscreen, ointments, and dispensing medications

VI.             Pick Up:

A.    When parents come to pick up their child, a staff person will meet them at the same door used for drop off.

B.    A staff person will bring the child to the pickup/drop off door and sign them out when they leave. 

C.    Notes or extra clothes, etc. will be brought by the staff person. Again, there should be no contact with others and masks will be worn while picking up.

In case of a confirmed case:

A.    Children or staff with a fever or other symptoms of Covid 19 will be expected to stay at home until the symptoms subside, for a minimum of 24 hours.  

B.     If a case of Covid 19 is confirmed in a child or staff person, the room where that child or any staff person has been enrolled will be quarantined in accordance with CDC guidelines and in coordination with the Department of Health.  Staff will not be allowed to work anywhere in the program during the period of the quarantine. Tuition for partial weeks affected by quarantine will not be reimbursed, tuition for full quarantine weeks is not charged, however, if a family choses not to interrupt their billing cycle in such a case, this is much appreciated.

C.       Areas used by the person who is sick will be closed off, deep cleaned and disinfected, if possible, after a 24 hour wait period to allow respiratory droplets to settle. 

D.        If more than 7 days have passed since the person who is sick visited or used the facility, additional cleaning and disinfection is not necessary.

E.       The person may reenter the program when a test shows no signs of the virus and the person is symptom free.

These policies and procedures are updated frequently in accordance with changing CDC guidelines and recommendations by Child Care Aware and the Department of Health.

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